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The Athlete Place is a platform where athletes can learn from other athletes that have been there and done it.

By using athletes' own experiences via peer-to-peer guidance, we're dedicated to optimising athlete performance and wellbeing, whilst reducing the trial and error of the sport.

No matter what sport or where you are on your journey, TAis here for you.

What We Do

Athlete Guidance

We're creating the ultimate athlete guidance resource in an accessible, relatable and innovative way.

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Parental Guidance

Your parents are your #1 supporter, if they don't know how they can help you, you're potentially less likely to reach your goals...

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About TAP

A few words from Joe on why TAP started and what it does...

 What Others Think:

  • The Athlete Place

    "I wouldn't be where I am without the support my parents give me...They've fed me with belief and have spent the last 8 years driving me up and down the country to meets and training to help me turn my dreams into a reality! It's important they get support too so they know how important they are in our journeys and can continue to help us along the way, theathleteplace offers exactly that".
    (📸 by Martin Rickett)

    Olympic, World and Commonwealth & European 800m Medalist

  • The Athlete Place

    "As someone who has struggled at various times with my own mental health, I congratulate theathleteplace in having the vision to establish this platform and I hope that in doing so it serves to strengthen resilience and wellbeing amongst those involved."
    (📸 by England Athletics)

    CEO, England Athletics

  • The Athlete Place

    "Athlete wellbeing is something that is often missed in the conversation about performance. theathleteplace fills that gap, somewhere for athletes to talk about their mental health and all the things big and small, serious and lighthearted that are so important, but so often omitted."
    (📸 by Jodi Hanagan)

    Team GB Long Jumper & 2 x Olympian

  • The Athlete Place

    “theathleteplace has been needed for a long time. If your mental health isn’t where you want it to be right now, that’s okay. But let’s talk, share, feel and manage our health. With theathleteplace, we can be better together”.
    (📸 by British Athletics)

    Former Team GB 400m Hurdler, 2 x Olympian and Wellbeing Consultant

  • The Athlete Place

    "theathleteplace is such a refreshing and much-needed resource in the athlete world. Being an athlete can be so isolating at times, so to have the space where athletes can feel part of a wider community and express shared thoughts and feelings is so uplifting!"
    (📸 by Jodi Hanagan)

    2 x Olympian & 2nd All-Time Great Britain High Jump

  • The Athlete Place

    "theathleteplace provides a safe space for sportspeople to find answers to the questions that they're sometimes too scared to ask."
    (📸 by Andrew Fox)

    3 x Olympian & Multiple International 400m Medalist

Guidance for Athletes.

Want to tell your story or share to help others? ✏️ 

Our Community Blog and peer-to-peer guidance literally can't happen without your contributions...

Think back to when you needed help most, if someone had shared their experiences on the matter that could've helped you massively!



Hey 👋  I’m Joe, former GB Junior 400m hurdler and founder of The Athlete Place.

I have been involved in high-level athletics for 10+ years and am now using my experience, knowledge and passion for helping others to create a platform that supports athletes and parents in sport.

Despite being relatively successful on the track, I still struggled with sport-related mental health issues that ultimately forced me out of athletics. But without these, I would never have started The Athlete Place. I now share my experiences to help others on their sporting journeys... I’d love to help you on yours!