About theathleteplace.

About theathleteplace.

My name is Joe Fuggle, former GB Junior 400m hurdler and the founder of theathleteplace™️, a platform supporting athletics athletes. 

I was an athlete with a successful junior and youth career and a few GB and England vests to my name – on paper, it looks fantastic! What you don’t get to see are the ups and downs, the issues I faced that impacted not only my training and competitions but also my life.


Joe Fuggle, Founder of theathleteplace.

Every athlete's journey is a rollercoaster of highs and lows.

During the lows, athletes can feel there is nowhere to go and no one to talk to. The feeling that 'no one understands' can lead to athletes suffering in silence.

Injuries, the pressure of expectation, performance anxiety, and life balance, are all issues that can impact an athlete's performance, issues that are also difficult for someone outside of sport to fully understand.

Sport should be fun but other pressures are inevitable, e.g. injury, lack of motivation, financial worries, balancing sport and work... Sharing these experiences with others is a powerful way of helping our fellow athletes and creating a supportive community within the sport.

That's where we come in.

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by athletes, for athletes.


What We Do:

Peer-to-Peer Guidance

Using athletes' experiences to guide others.

Content created with the sole purpose of optimising the athletics experience. This can be done by sharing experiences you, or other athletes, have faced.

Perhaps you can give or seek some guidance on any athlete-related topics?


The Buddy Scheme

Linking upcoming athletes to their role models.

The Buddy Scheme enables the UK’s top up-and-coming athletes to be connected and supported by the athletes they look up to.

We use our extensive list of TEAM GB athletes to provide the information and guidance young athletes need to succeed, whilst building relationships with those they aspire to be like!

Practical Support

Practical support to make your life easier.

We understand being an athlete can be challenging. We are doing our bit to change that.

Our Athlete-Handbook makes your life easier when it comes to making athletics-related decisions.

Such as:

  • What kit to buy
  • Which universities to apply for
  • Where to find mental health support
  • And so much more...
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Exclusive Discounts

Athletics isn't cheap... That's why we all love a bargain! Our Discount Portal has one mission: Help athletes save money.

Thanks to our extensive network of contacts in the sporting world we have an opportunity to save you a TONNE of cash on brands such as:

  • ADIDAS: 20% OFF