Side Hustle Series: "Yummy Cups" by Katie Stainton.

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  1. Who are you?

Katie Stainton

2. What sport do you do?

Great Britain Heptathlon

3. What’s your side hustle?

Yummy cups-“little cups of yumminess” which is basically a layer of chocolate, a layer of either Biscoff, peanut butter or cookie dough and then another layer of chocolate to make a lil cup.

4. Why did you start it?

Started making them during the first lockdown as a healthy type of treat by making dark chocolate cups with 100% peanut butter. I thought they were really good so I tried them with different chocolate flavours and different centre flavours, gave them to my family and friends to try and got positive feedback so I thought I’d try to make something out of it.

7 months on and my little business is going from strength to strength. I’ve brought out new flavours each month and had special occasion ranges for Christmas, valentines and my Easter range will be launching very soon (See Below!).

My aim is to continue to grow via social media and hopefully get my yummy cups into local cafes and coffee shops.

5. How do you make it work around training?

In terms of making it work around training, I tend to make the cups on my rest day or after training if I’ve had a shorter training day. Training for the heptathlon means a lot of my time is taken up by training but I still find time to make cups and grow my business alongside it.

I really enjoy making my little cups as it’s something completely separate to track and field so I’m not thinking about heptathlon or training whilst I’m working which is nice to have something else to focus on besides heptathlon.

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Side Hustle Series: Katie Stainton's Yummy Cups.

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