Side Hustle Series: Reynold Banigo

BICG Reynold Banigo Long Jumping

1. Who are you?

My name is Reynold Banigo, I am 22 and from Leeds, now based in Loughborough

2. What sport do you do?

I do athletics and compete in the long jump, my personal best is 7.94m. I am the current British Outdoor Champion aiming to qualify for the Tokyo Olympic Games in the summer.

3. What’s your side hustle?

My side hustle is that I’m a freelance barber of all hair types, I take bookings and home visits, check out the Insta below to get involved!

4. Why did you start it?

It’s something I have had an interest in from around 15 years old, so I was taught and started practicing more often - it’s something I like doing because I get to socialise, listen to music and give people good haircuts. It's great as I can make it work around me and when it fits into my schedule.

(Sounds a lot better than the standard barber silence and awkward chat, right?!)

5. How do you make it work around training?

As I do it part-time, when I have a spare few hours in the day I fit in clients for appointments or home visits so it never gets in the way of training or other things I need to do throughout the day.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Reynold this year, 8m is pending very soon. Give him a follow on socials and check out his Power of 10 to see how he is getting on throughout the season to come!

Instagram - @Ray_Banigo
Twitter - @BanigoReynold

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