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Introduction to The Visions Podcast:

My name is Destiny Ogali, I am an u23 International Sprinter that has represented GB and England at both the senior and junior levels. The sport of Track & Field has created so many opportunities for me that I am forever thankful for. Despite having some competition experience, I would still say I’m quite “new” to the sport in relation to understanding the inner workings of it all. Overall, I’m blessed to be able to do what I love and share my love for Jesus in the process.

Together with my good friend Josh Tambwe (JT), we make The Visions Podcast.

Destiny Ogali, co-host of The Visions Podcast

Episode Summary:

In this episode, myself and JT go deep into what life has been like for us over the last year. In my case, it was a year full of change and learning. Through the episode, you’ll hear details of what my season was like and how it affected me from the beginning all the way up until now. I also mention how the only driving force as to how I was able to keep pushing forward was my faith in Jesus. Without it, I have no idea where I would be right now. Even in the midst of uncertainty and disappointment, my firm foundation was never shaken because I had Jesus to fall back on. From illness to injuries, this episode reveals all...

I’m pretty private about my life, I don’t openly share information about myself purely because I prefer to keep to myself. However, just before recording this episode, JT and I spent some time in prayer and allowed the Holy Spirit to speak through us. As a result of that prayer, we opened our hearts and spoke openly about what had happened and what we learnt from it.

I pray this episode will be a blessing to you in Jesus' name! Amen!


Feelings throughout the season:

My feelings throughout the season mainly consisted of confusion and disappointment. I couldn’t understand why I had gotten ill and why I had gotten injured after such a fantastic winter training. Initially, I didn’t think it would be too bad and that towards the back end of the season, I would be able to reach at least SOME of the goals we had set out in the beginning. But as time went on, I had to come to the harsh reality that this season wasn’t going to end how I would’ve expected it to. It was a roller coaster of emotions. Having to watch the world indoors, world championships, Europeans and commonwealth games from my living room were very difficult, especially knowing that I was fully capable of being there representing my country.

Destiny is a 100m sprinter.

Advice for others:

Talk to your coach often. Don’t worry about what others are doing. Take time away from social media if needed. Don’t compare yourself with others. Stay true to who you are. And most importantly, have faith!!

Being honest with how I feel. If I feel unwell or know I’m in pain, I will not ignore it. It’s better to get it checked out. I was in denial for so long, thinking that I was okay when I wasn’t. A minor niggle can turn into a significant injury. I’ve learnt that lesson.

Destiny and Josh on disappointing performances.

How am I feeling now:

Man, I feel amazing. So refreshed and so invigorated. I’m excited for what’s to come, and I know that regardless of what happens, God is not finished with me!!!

Destiny following double English Schools Gold in 2019.

Actionable steps to take going forward:

My heart was so heavy one time that I felt compelled just to open up and stop trying to be so macho, even though I felt so embarrassed and like a burden. 

Through opening up and also wanting to change within, I understood that I would have to start over again (in my faith, my personal endeavours and my relationships), which I and many of us need to understand is absolutely okay to do. Now I’m not 100% there yet, but I’m most definitely a work in progress, and something I’d advise to people as well as myself is to:

  1. Take things 1 day at a time — don’t rush any healing process. You don’t need all the answers in a short space of time.
  2. Express your feelings truthfully — whether it’s daily journaling (an amazing one for me) or talking to people that you trust deeply (an even better one!).
  3. Start to see certain things in life as wins and/or lessons (there are definitely lessons to learn in personal struggles; it feels uncomfortable at first, but it means your doing what's needed to move on and change)

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