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Mental Health in Sport: Why I Quit Athletics (and Why I Came Back) by Jordanna Morrish

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At 13, I was a great high jumper and combined eventer with a lot of potential. By the time I was 17, my future in athletics had more or less come to an end, and it had nothing to do with injuries or a lack of passion for athletics. I felt alone, had no guidance, not enough money, and had made little progress over the few years that I had been competing. Growing up in Cornwall and being isolated from the athletics community was a big part of that, but ultimately my decision to leave the sport cam…

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Beliefs and Wellbeing: Do the Way that Athletes Think Influence Their Mental Health? by Paul Mansell


Stressors can often feel overwhelming for athletes. Constant judgement from being in a results-driven environment, concerns about contracts not being renewed, receiving criticism from significant others, demanding schedules, and the inevitable injuries are all stressors that athletes must frequently navigate. Stressors such as these have the potential to undermine their mental health, with studies indicating that athletes are prone to experiencing clinical anxiety and depression. Accordingly, it…

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Lessons From a Former Athlete; What I Want My Sons to Know by Matt Roberts

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●  We are never defined by what we achieve.

●  The only real limits you’ll encounter are those created in your mind.

●  Happiness exists now, not when you achieve your next goal.

●  Listen to your body, it doesn’t lie. You can kid yourself, but you will get injured if you push too hard.

●  Everyone is born with different gifts but…

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It’s Never Too Late... by Eugene Amo-Dadzie


Author Biography:

Name: Eugene Amo-Dadzie

Age: 30

Event: 100m

Performance Level: International Level

Contribution topic area: Mindset

Who Am I?

I am a Christian, qualified chartered accountant, husband, and father to the most beautiful girl in the world. I made the decision to take up the sport at the age of 26 after a good friend of mine asked me why I had never considered pursuing a sport I have always been very passionate about. I guess the rest is history as here I am 4 seasons later wiser, more re…

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It's Okay to Not Be Okay by Darcey Kuypers


📸 by Geoff Lowe

When I was around 4 years old, I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder known as Selective Mutism. For those who don’t know what this is, it’s when a child or adult does not refuse or choose not to speak at certain times, they’re literally unable to speak. The expectation to talk to certain people triggers a freeze response with feelings of panic, like a bad case of stage fright, and talking is impossible.

Although I got help when I was younger, this anxiety disorder manifests in m…

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Bottling Things Up Does NOT Work, Trust Me... by Brydon Duncan

Byrdon Duncan

Author Biography:

Name: Brydon Duncan

Age: 17

Event: Discus Throw

Performance Level: National Level

Contribution topic area: Mental Health

Who Am I?

My name is Brydon Duncan, I’m from Bromley, south-east London and I’m approaching my 18th birthday. I started athletics in 2019, as an upper U15. The reason I started doing discus is largely due to the fact that I was so much bigger than my peers, throughout my entire childhood. I’ve always been a large person, reaching 6ft tall before my 13th birthday, an…

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Team Selection: Why Do We Try So Hard? by Dan Putnam

Dan Putnam

Track and field is tough.

Grinding it out almost every single day, through bitter, cold winter nights, all to try and make the smallest improvements that could be the difference between representing your country or not in major Championships. The one saving grace is that our sport is based on facts; who can run the fastest time, jump the highest, throw the furthest, so in theory if your performance is better than your rivals, the selection is guaranteed, right? Well, apparently not.

My career has …

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A Message to Those Who are “One-Step Below the Top” by Jacob Nelson


Featured image by Jodi Hanagan

Generally in sport there seems to be a bigger emphasis on who the winners, medalists or top runners are. This can be seen across many sports, with track & field being no exception. This emphasis can create difficulties for those who are one-step below the top guys, with feelings of inadequacy being one that hits close to home for myself.

My name is Jacob, I’m mainly a 200m athlete. At youth and junior levels I regularly made finals in the 200m at the English Schools’…

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Body Image in Sport: I. Am. Fed. Up. by Ella Revitt


📸 by Jodi Hanagan

I. Am. Fed. Up.

Fed up of hearing sports commentators discuss a professional athlete’s weight, size and body shape. Fed up of watching runners – and more importantly, friends – lose their way in the sport in attempts to achieve some sort of aesthetic or “ideal.” Fed up of hearing how scary sugar and fat and carbohydrate is. Fed up of being unable to help.

I’m fed up of the obsession we have with athlete’s bodies. Do they have a period? Have they lost/gained weight? Are they eating…

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This Too Shall Pass by Ben Hawkes

  1. Introduction

Everyone knows the last few months have been stressful - and it’s been different for all of us.

On one hand, you see some people are on top of the world; athletes in Dubai at the NAS complex, living life, soaking in the sun, getting some top class training in. 

On the other end of the spectrum though, you see a group of athletes travelling over an hour from Cardiff to Aberdare just to get 40 minutes of hammer throwing in the books.

How can you stay leve…

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