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Reflecting on 2022 by The Visions Podcast


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Introduction to The Visions Podcast:

My name is Destiny Ogali, I am an u23 International Sprinter that has represented GB and England at both the senior and junior levels. The sport of Track & Field has created so many opportunities for me that I am forever thankful for. Despite having some competition experience, I would still say I’m quite “new” to the sport in relation to understanding the inner workings of it all. Overall, I’m blessed to be able to do wha…

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The American Dream: A Bed Of Roses, Or A Mass Of Thorns? by Catherine Reid


📸 by Jodi Hanagan

The NCAA experience is one that differs from person to person. You should never take one person's time in America as gospel, as you can guarantee you’ll find something differs in your time there. It is all dependent on your school, your coach, your degree, and obviously, yourself.

My time in the USA was one with many ups, a lot more downs, but an experience I wouldn't change for the world.

University of Georgia, Division 1 NCAA

The Ups

The main positive I would take from it, was how…

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Modelling as Track & Field Athletes


Featured image by: Jodi Hanagan |

Athletes are always in high demand when it comes to modelling, but how do you get into modelling as an athlete? There are various ways, such as being scouted or applying through agencies such as FORTE. I see it a lot like most (all) things in life, it's mainly about being in the right place at the right time and about who you know.

As I am (clearly) not a model, it is still so good to see people I know and have grown up with juggling careers as students, athletes,…

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Dealing with Loss as an Athlete by Daniel Hill


📸 by Jodi Hanagan

For the sake of being concise, I’ll start my story in 2017. That year was the high. I'd gotten married, I’d won my second British Masters M35 title over 200m with a lifetime PB, and then gone on to the European Champs later that summer – where I’d picked up an individual bronze and a relay gold.

It felt like vindication; for all the training, for all the hard work. But, most importantly, it felt like a victory over my mental health – that I could accomplish something despite the …

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Living With Athletes? The Good, the Bad and the Messy Kitchens...


📸 by Jodi Hanagan

Living with athletes may come as a no-brainer to some, to others it might be their worst nightmare. Just like anything, it is important to consider the pros and cons, with these differing from person to person. Drawing on honest first-hand experiences/opinions from a number of athletes, this article will look into the pros and cons of living with athletes or not.

My experience of living with athletes has been pretty straightforward, I can't lie. For someone who loves all things s…

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Athlete Dating: The Good, the Bad and the Downright Filthy

Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 18.19.01

Featured Image: GB Athletes Kevin and Naomi Metzger

It’s Valentine's Day; a time to celebrate love and romance. But what if you have to be up for training at 6 am tomorrow? Or what if you’re suffering from DOMS so painful you can’t “put on a show” on the big day?

The dating game can be a challenging one, especially if you decide to play it as an athlete. Early nights, strict training programmes and those “sorry for the slow reply, I was training” texts can really get in the way of a healthy relati…

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America: Where the Grass is Greener or a Murky Swamp Where Athletes Rarely Prosper? by Harry Kendall


📸 by Jodi Hanagan

Recently, theathleteplace conducted a survey on Instagram asking whether athletes would travel to America for University. The result of this was a 63% majority for the ‘yes’ party. As a follow-up, we attempted to get some answers from athletes on the pros and cons of moving to America to further your training, however, the majority of this feedback was negative, which creates an interesting debate. This is a follow up to the article by Catherine Reid who brilliantly detailed her…

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Leaving Sports and Finding Yourself...Again? by Daniel Oderinde

Daniel Oderinde Testimonial

What’s up people, I begin this piece by sending peace to everyone reading this and introduce myself - my name is Daniel Oderinde and I am a former national and international medallist at the youth/junior level (AAA’s bronze medallist and FISEC International Catholic School Games 100m champion). As you can tell by my writing in the past tense, I have stopped pursuing a career in athletics, that was due to having suffered from an on-going chronic knee injury called patella femoral pain syndrome. W…

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Side Hustle Series: Reynold Banigo

BICG Reynold Banigo Long Jumping

1. Who are you?

My name is Reynold Banigo, I am 22 and from Leeds, now based in Loughborough

2. What sport do you do?

I do athletics and compete in the long jump, my personal best is 7.94m. I am the current British Outdoor Champion aiming to qualify for the Tokyo Olympic Games in the summer.

3. What’s your side hustle?

My side hustle is that I’m a freelance barber of all hair types, I take bookings and home visits, check out the Insta below to get involved!

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Side Hustle Series: "Yummy Cups" by Katie Stainton.

Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 18.07.36

Featured image from @katiestainton

  1. Who are you?

Katie Stainton

2. What sport do you do?

Great Britain Heptathlon

3. What’s your side hustle?

Yummy cups-“little cups of yumminess” which is basically a layer of chocolate, a layer of either Biscoff, peanut butter or cookie dough and then another layer of chocolate to make a lil cup.

4. Why did you start it?

Started making them during the first lockdown as a healthy type of treat by making dark chocolate cups with 100% peanut butter. I thought they were rea…

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